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Social Stories & Wellbeing


Social Stories and Wellbeing

Many of you will find that all the days are merging into one. It is important for children to maintain good routines, knowing what day it is very important and distinguishing from a school day and a weekend is a part of this. It is recommended that children get out of pyjamas and bed clothes in the morning and dress for the day ahead. I have added the colours of the days of the week below for children to link this to their routines at school. These colours can be incorporated into activities. For Monday, you could go on a “silver hunt” around the house. These could be grouped. You could wear something silver. You can do this for every colour of the week days.

Colours of the week:

Monday: Silver

Tuesday: Blue

Wednesday: Yellow

Thursday: Green

Friday: Red


Therapeutic videos and stories about Covid19


Please view these stories / videos before sharing to check if it is appropriate for your child’s needs. 

Sheffield Children’s Hospital


Advice and resources relating to coronavirus, includes some ideas for supporting your child with additional needs and a self-care kit

Coronavirus Story by Pete Wells


Written for children with special needs and their families

Coronavirus – A book for children

By Elizabeth Jenner, Kate Wilson and Nia Roberts, Illustrated by Axel Scheffler

Click Here

Seeing other people wearing masks  

A social story written to reassure children seeing people wear masks.



Download some symbols for feelings by clicking here