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In our Foundation Stage, pupils follow the EYFS curriculum which is delivered at a pace and level that is appropriate to them.

Pupil's in KS1 and 2 follow the National Curriculum which is delivered using the Learning Areas taken from the EYFS curriculum.

The learning in our school is child led and is driven by the children's natural curiosity and interest in understanding the world and their place within it.  The learning process is continuous and collaborative; adults and children learn together, with teachers being the facilitators of learning, observing each pupil's individual learning style and interest and using this to inform planning and challenge.

The classroom environment both indoor and out, has the potential to inspire pupils, with Learning Areas that remain in place to allow children to independently move around and explore.  These areas are planned to be accessible to all and have a "base kit" of resources available for children to experiment and work with.  Areas are enhanced by the teacher each day, as a result of staff observations.  Long term planning provides a topic "hook" to give variety and breadth to learning opportunities.

Planned Learning Areas, both indoor and out, give pupils choice and control which is instrumental in developing independence and confidence.  PSHE has a high profile in school and is cross-curricular, quality teaching and provision in this area of learning is central to overall achievement.  Children are given access to a variety of ways in which to communicate and are given the time to do so.  They are listened to with respect.

It is important that pupils appreciate social rules and can follow direction and so directed group activities are timetabled for all children e.g. "Circle Time" Snack/Lunch time, Storytelling, PE and work in sensory room.

Therapy programmes devised by other professionals, some of whom are based in school, are carefully woven into the school day.  This provides pupils with motivation and purpose to practice and learn new skills.

All pupils receive a comprehensive and varied PE curriculum which includes structured PE lessons where they work at a pace and level appropriate to their need.  We have a sensory based hydrotherapy pool and some KS2 pupils swim at a local community pool.  Pupils participate in games, often competing against other schools and some have Rebound therapy which again is a cross-curricular activity.

Our school has an emergent curriculum where pupils learn by doing.  Our curriculum is fun and multi-sensory and ever evolving with children problem solving and discovering through their chosen learning style in order to reach full potential.

The school teaches early literacy through the 'Little Wandle' approach and reading scheme.  Group and individually taught sessions ensures that teaching and resourcing of early developmental reading skills are appropriately differentiated for each pupil.

For further details relating to the curriculum please contact school.