Our headteacher is David Whitehead. He is supported by the deputy headteacher, Jacqueline Nieto and the assistant headteacher Louise Edwards.

There are 12 (full time equivalent) classroom teachers, 33 full time and 9 part time teaching assistants, most of whom work in the classrooms. We have 14 midday supervisory Assistants and 1 play leader who work with children at lunchtimes .

Our school office team is Vicky Ollerenshaw, Claire Clayton and Samantha Bryant. 

We have two caretakers on site: Jack Morbin - full time and Michael Naylor - part time supported by our apprentice assistant caretaker Cameron Lockwood.


We have a wide range of multi-professional staff that work with the children and staff in school -

A welfare team

A physiotherapist

A physiotherapy assistant

An occupational therapist

A speech and language therapist

A speech and language therapy assistant

A specialist teacher from the VI service who works with visually impaired pupils

A specialist teacher from the HI service who works with hearing impaired pupils

A dentist, dental nurse and a dental hygienist

A dietician 

Parents can always ask for advice from any of these people.