Meet the Staff Member


Our Pupil Council have put together the list of questions that they would like staff to respond to.

This term Petar Tica, Class Teacher is in the spot light:  


Where did you work before Woolley Wood?

I worked at Delivs Special School in Bradford

How long have you worked at Woolley Wood?

This is my second year at Woolley Wood School

Where do you work in the school?

I am the teacher in Class 3

How do you get to school?

I recently moved house and get to school by car in about 20 minutes

What do you like to do at the weekend?

At the weekend I like to visit places for a coffee, go out for meals and see friends.

What is your favourite hobby?

I love to paint! I mainly paint animals, but I also enjoy painting portraits

What is your favourite chocolate?

Dark chocolate without a doubt, 100% dark is my favourite

Do you have any pets?

No, though I really would like a rabbit

What was your most favourite holiday ever?

My favourite has to be Croatia where I went to visit my family over there, I also went to the beach which was great fun

What is your favourite song?

My favourite song of all time is ‘A Walk' by Tycho, which is a really relaxing piece or music

What is your favourite Key Stage song?

The Classic, "All together again"

What is your favourite thing about working in our school?

The pupils and the staff, Everyone here is amazing and positive its a very happy place to work!